Cornerstone Home Care & Training Academy's Re-opening plan for classes

As directed by the state and the Department of Health and Education, we hereby forward the Cornerstone Home Care & Training Academy Re-Opening Plan for students’ information and consideration.

Kindly review the step-by-step method we intend to adopt to ensure the safety of the lives of the students, the staff, and the residents. Please peruse and lets us know if it conforms.

We will implement the procedure religiously to achieve its purpose. The plan covers from Initial enrolment, by every standard, (even before COVID-19) it is compulsory for any prospective candidate to provide their Physical and History) COVID-19 test is now included as part of the prerequisite for admission.

  1. Enrollment

    Cornerstone Home Care & Training Academy with a DOH capacity approval of 20 students per session (Morning and Evening programs) intend to have a maximum of 10 -12 to give room for the social distancing.

  2. Classroom / Hands-on Practice

    The following are the guidelines for the classroom / Hands-on-Practice.

  1. All students must sign a written statement at orientation to adhere to school safety rules and regulations regarding COVID-19 guidelines and that he/she received a written copy of the restart plan.
  2. Every student must complete daily health screening and checklist at the beginning of the class/day.
  3. Encourage the student to stay home if they are sick or have symptoms without fear of reprisals and to self-report to the school if they /family have symptoms of COVID 19, a positive test for COVID 19 or were exposed to someone with COVID 19 within the last 14 days in accordance with health information sharing regulations for COVID 19 (makeup hours will be used to finish the program).

    Please, see the school/work policy after COVID 19 illness.

  4. Space desks at least 6 feet apart. Maintain social distancing by using floor markings to direct foot traffic flows.
  5. Students must wear face-covering / masks during training hours and within the premises which MUST completely cover the mouth as well as the nose of the person.
  6. Cornerstone will provide portable handwashing sink and materials to practice handwashing skills following the CDC/OSHA guidelines.
  7. Promote etiquette for coughing and sneezing. The school shall provide no-touch trash cans, soap, water, and hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol needed for frequent hand sanitization.
  8. Intensify the use of videos and discussions when necessary to impact knowledge before implementing hands-on practice amongst students.
  9. Provide online videos and resources to students to use at off-hours. Follow-up with each student to ensure compliance.
  10. An extensive review of all assessments to limit the loss of learning time and intensify efforts to identify students’ learning levels/styles, needs, and provide supporting resources to fill gaps.
  11. Cornerstone will provide accommodations to students with disabilities, special needs, and ones with language barriers to ensure their success in the program. Provision will be made for access to the administrator and / instructor(s) during the off-hour period.
  12. Cornerstone shall communicate with contractors/agencies that supply temporary employees, the importance of sick employees staying home, and encourage the development of non-punitive emergency sick leave policies.
  13. Cornerstone will share response plans with employees and students and clearly communicate expectations in case of outbreaks in the workplace/community.
  1. PPE and Sanitization

    i. Availability of appropriate PPE gears to students and enforcing usage.

    ii. Educate and reinforce teaching on donning, doffing, and proper disposal of PPE.

    iii. Surfaces: Frequently clean and disinfect touched surfaces daily and as needed with EPA approved disinfectants such as bleach (Doorknobs, desks, phones, keyboards and, computers).

    iv. For hand-on skills and practice such as transfer from bed to wheelchair, Ambulation, taking pulse and respiration of resident: Every paired student must wear face mask/covering during such encounters. Verbal interactions will be minimized between these individuals by making every participant watch the appropriate educational video(s) before practicing on each other.

    The school shall also make use of the manikin(s) where and when necessary to impact and effect such knowledge in other to reduce close human interactions.

    v. The school shall provide appropriate PPE gears to students on clinical rotations in accordance with hosting facility policy.

  2. Skill Evaluation/ PSI Testing: 

    The attached shall be our guidelines for the Skill Evaluation / D&S Testing Policy.

    (1) https://www.cdc.gov. (Guidance for Businesses, Employees, and Community).

    (2) https://www.OSHA.gov.

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